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24 Apr 2015
Lucía Figar de Lacalle, Minister of Education, Youth and Sports for the Community of Madrid and Luis Sánchez Álvarez, Director-General of Fundación para el Conocimiento Madri+d, have presented the 10th edition of the madri+d Awards in recognition of the best patents, enterprises and technology-based ideas, European R+D projects in cooperation, and scientific communication. In addition, an Honorable Mention was awarded for Public-Private Cooperation with Marketed Research Results.
22 Apr 2015
 The 4th IFIP Conference on Sustainable Internet and ICT for Sustainability successfully concluded in Madrid last week.  
20 Apr 2015
Researchers from Zendos Tecnología and the IMDEA Networks Institute have developed an innovative tool to analyze the behavior of customers and visitors to Shopping Malls. The result is a technological platform called Ubicua Xperience which allows us to apply business intelligence in order to encourage direct interaction between a shopping mall and its customers, providing customers with benefits such as personalized information, individualized special offers or increased child safety, all in real time.
16 Apr 2015
Researchers at Zendos Tecnología and IMDEA Networks Institute have developed an innovative tool for the analysis of customer and visitor behavior in Shopping Malls. The result is a technological platform called Ubicua Xperience that enables the application of business intelligence to promote direct interaction between a shopping mall and its customers, providing the latter advantages such as personalized information, individualized offers or child safety, all in real time.
09 Apr 2015
Interview with Ralf Steinmetz. Visiting Professor, IMDEA Networks Institute; Chair of Excellence University Carlos III of Madrid-Banco Santander; Full Professor and director of the Multimedia Communications Lab (KOM), TU Darmstadt, Germany
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25 Mar 2015
Four bilingual 16 year-old students from the Madrid secondary school ‘IES Isaac Albéniz’ have joined IMDEA Networks for a period of two days on an educational stay.
23 Mar 2015
Now that it has become a common feature on the news to hear about cyber-attacks on an international scale, cybersecurity is seen as a first priority by Internet users. There can be no doubt that the web has become a battleground without borders on which to defend political, financial and ideological interests. We are all affected by this struggle, since it is almost impossible to avoid operating through Internet, but, at what price?  
06 Mar 2015
5G connectivity is to become the new lifeblood of the digital economy and society, according to Günther Oettinger. The European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society endorses the presentation of the European 5G vision made by the 5G-Public Private Partnership at the Mobile World Congress 2015.
04 Mar 2015
Arturo Azcorra, a pioneer of internet and network science research in Spain, has been elected chairman of the 5G Expert Group from NetWorld2020, the European Technology Platform (ETP) for communications networks and services. The ultrafast mobile broadband technology of the future, branded as 5G, will be the foundation of the future Internet.  
02 Mar 2015
Even though the deployment of 4th generation mobile networks has not yet been completed, operators and handset manufacturers, as well as leading research teams in the field, have launched a series of R&D initiatives to develop the 5th generation of mobile technology, called 5G, intending to commercialize it by 2020.