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30 Jun 2010
IMDEA Networks' Second Annual International Workshop, this year addressing Energy Efficiency and Networking, brought together members of the institute's Scientific Council, representatives of industry and prominent researchers.
21 Jun 2010
Spain has grown more than the rest of Europe over the past years, but the country is now forced to transform its economy into a sustainable model. The Director of the official body promoting innovation amongst companies states that the Government already started this process back in 2004 by pledging its firm commitment to R+D+i.
Arturo Azcorra
14 Jun 2010
The Minister of Science and Innovation of Spain, Ms. Cristina Garmendia presided this afternoon, at the main offices of the Spanish Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology, CDTI, over the swearing-in ceremony of Arturo Azcorra Saloña as Director General of said body.
12 Mar 2010
The European Investment Bank (EIB), through its Human Capital Division, has granted the Madrid Regional Government an 80 million Euros loan in matching funds to be used in the acquisition of equipment and the hiring of researchers at the Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies (IMDEA). The Regional government will, therefore, add to the same end another 80 million Euros of its own, raising the total to 160 million Euros. The agreement was signed on 12 March 2010 by Esperanza Aguirre, President of the Madrid Regional Government, and Carlos Da Silva Costa, Vice-president of the European Investment Bank.
Arturo Azcorra
10 Mar 2010
Arturo Azcorra acted as Director of IMDEA Networks from its inception until very recently, when he was appointed as Director General of Technology Transfer and Business Development within the Ministry of Science and Innovation. He has been interviewed by Madrimasd about the national strategy for innovation. We reproduce here the full text of this interview published on March 10th.
08 Mar 2010
The Audit of the European Project CARMEN (CARrrier grade MEsh Networks) conducted in Madrid on March 3rd and 4th has been concluded with excellent results. Testbed demonstrations and presentations won the approval of European Commission reviewers present for their successful account of the project’s research objectives.
17 Feb 2010
Following the creation of non-for-profit subsidized research centres specialized in strategic areas, Madrid has consolidated its role as an alternative to the Icrea in Catalonia.
12 Feb 2010
The significant increase of traffic accidents on European roads as a result of the growing demand and concentration of vehicles and drivers over the last decade, has driven .EU countries to take action in the shape of political and financial cooperation. The European Commission (EC) and the automotive industry have committed themselves to halving loss of life by 2010. In this context, and since 2008, IMDEA-Networks, in collaboration with NETCOM Research Group from University Carlos III of Madrid, have been actively involved in the development of GeoNet (Geoaddressing and Georouting for vehicular communications) project. This project concluded on January 29th at INRIA’s premises in Paris, with the celebration of a Final Workshop, which consisted of a joint public presentation of its achievements.
04 Feb 2010
GeoNet concluded its activity with its Final Workshop that took place 29 January 2010 in INRIA’s premises in Paris, France. IPv6 GeoNetworking was presented together with its link with the related ITS development in CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium, CVIS implementation and ETSI TC ITS standardization. Moreover the functionalities of IPv6 GeoNetworking was shown in a real system including 3 cars, 2 road-side units and a control center. A (very simple) enhanced driver awareness application was demonstrated and numerous attendees could enjoy a ride to see the achievement.
Research centre of IMDEA Networks
18 Jan 2010
The Regional Government of Madrid and University Carlos III collaborate in the building of an International centre of excellence in network communications research.