The Networks and Communications Services (NETCOM) Research Group, led by Professor Dr. Arturo Azcorra, is part of the Telematics Engineering Department at University Carlos III of Madrid. Detailed contact information can be found here.

NETCOM Research Group works in close collaboration with the international research Institute IMDEA Networks on various research projects and scientific activities. Their symbiotic relationship provides many opportunities for researchers in both organizations to exchange ideas and to extend their knowledge. The two groups conduct complementary research in the areas of network architectures, communication protocols, wireless and mobile networks, peer-to-peer systems and distributed services.

A career in research

We are seeking exceptional post-graduate candidates from around the World for a limited number of Research Assistant (“Ayudante”) positions within our team.  This is a unique opportunity for young talented researchers to undertake their Ph.D. with financing for up to four years, subject to satisfactory performance. Successful candidates will be supervised by an expert tutor from either NETCOM Research Group  or IMDEA Networks Institute.


8 July 2015 - Informing Protocol Design Through Crowdsourcing: the Case of Pervasive Encryption

Middleboxes, such as proxies, firewalls and NATs play an important role in the modern Internet ecosystem.... +

13 July 2015 - Information Centric Networking: Addressing Information at the Network Level

Imagine a network in which you address information: literally, packet-level addressing of *information*... +


09 Jun 2015 - Big Data & Cloud Computing: hand in hand

Since the inception of the information age, the flow of global communications and networking has increased... +

29 Jun 2015 - Maurizio Rea new PhD Student

Maurizio Rea has become a member of the IMDEA Networks research team. He will be working as a PhD Student... +