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13 Feb 2012
The new Network of Excellence in Internet Science will bring together dozens of institutions from across many perspectives to form the basis for a new way of understanding the Internet and its ramifications across society and culture Download Press release (102 Kb)
06 Feb 2012
The new research program, to be carried out in cooperation with Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, will develop models and technologies for reducing power consumption across LAN, WAN and the data center. Download Press release (148 Kb)
03 Feb 2012
A new study proposes a novel technique for cost reduction in the internet protocol (IP) transit market called “CIPT”, which may generate significant savings for Internet service providers. Download Press Release (150 Kb)
31 Jan 2012
e-Energy 2012, to be held in May in Madrid, Spain, will focus on areas such as servers and communications infrastructures, data centers, cloud computing and smart grids Download Press release (160 Kb)
30 Jan 2012
Researchers from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) who participate in the Trilogy project have uncovered technology which allows Internet users who use the newly established IPv6 to access current Internet content available on IPv4.
23 Dec 2011
Dr. Kowalski brings to the team extensive experience in areas including algorithms and data structures, fault-tolerant aspects of computer science, and distributed, parallel, network and mobile computing.
24 Nov 2011
The story of the development of wireless local area networks (WLAN) is a good example of how a research project can open the doors to a whole new industry. Back in the 70s, a research team at the University of Hawaii was unsatisfied with the data connections over the telephone network that they used to access the central computers from remote locations. They envisioned a wireless network that transmitted digital data using radio communications. And they built it. Download Press release (169 Kb)
Pierrre Francois
15 Nov 2011
Dr. Francois will contribute broad experience in areas such as IP Networking, Routing, Routing Architectures and Routing Economics. Download Press release (75 Kb)
IMDEA Networks
11 Nov 2011
P.M. Romer affirms that know-how of a production function is an irreplaceable factor in current economic development. It is what allows rate of return on investment to grow steadily, and is the defining aspect of an economy’s ability to generate technology and consequently increase productivity. Download Press release (1.078 Kb)
07 Nov 2011
This week mi+dtv will discuss the effect of bilingualism in Alzheimer disease; TRILOGY project for a safer Internet; and new activities on Science Week 2011. The news about TRILOGY project highlights research conducted by a scientific institution within Madrid’s science and technology system.