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04 Apr 2012
A new research study carried out by Institute IMDEA Networks proposes a new type of interconnection between Internet Service Providers (ISPs) named “T4P” (Transit for-Peering). TP4 allows two diverse ISPs to peer without exchanging monetary payments. This hybrid interconnection is intended to strengthen Internet connectivity by liberating peering from economic constraints and actually reducing the total transit bill of the ISPs involved. Download Press Release (123 Kb)
28 Mar 2012
A new research study claims that the design of algorithms over Distributed Opportunistic Scheduling (DOS) systems brings high benefits in the performance of wireless networks. The implementation of opportunistic techniques allows to fully exploit the available resources in many realistic scenarios. Download Press Release (136 Kb)
27 Mar 2012
A study proposes a new 802.11 MAC mechanism for improving the performance in WLANs when voice traffic is present. In practice, VoIPiggy doubles the capacity of a WLAN when voice calls come into play. Download Press Release (115 Kb)
14 Mar 2012
Research carried out by Institute IMDEA Networks and University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M) focuses on the economic side-effects of a particular traffic engineering tool widely used in the Internet and known as “prefix deaggregation”. This technique allows networks to experience a stabilization of their traffic on the transit links with their Internet providers.
08 Mar 2012
Interview with Zhi-Li Zhang, Visiting Researcher, Institute IMDEA Networks Download Press Release (250 Kb)
02 Mar 2012
Dr. Zhang brings to the team extensive research experience in areas broadly including computer communication and networks, Internet technology, multimedia and emerging applications. Download Press Release (159 Kb)
13 Feb 2012
The new Network of Excellence in Internet Science will bring together dozens of institutions from across many perspectives to form the basis for a new way of understanding the Internet and its ramifications across society and culture Download Press release (102 Kb)
06 Feb 2012
The new research program, to be carried out in cooperation with Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, will develop models and technologies for reducing power consumption across LAN, WAN and the data center. Download Press release (148 Kb)
03 Feb 2012
A new study proposes a novel technique for cost reduction in the internet protocol (IP) transit market called “CIPT”, which may generate significant savings for Internet service providers. Download Press Release (150 Kb)
31 Jan 2012
e-Energy 2012, to be held in May in Madrid, Spain, will focus on areas such as servers and communications infrastructures, data centers, cloud computing and smart grids Download Press release (160 Kb)