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10 Dec 2015
The agreement has been signed by representatives from the Spanish public administration, academic organizations and private companies in a joint commitment to boost 5G technologies. Telefónica is also one of the cofounders of 5TONIC, the first laboratory of excellence focusing on 5G technologies in Spain, together with IMDEA Networks. Ericsson is the first technological company that has joined the project within the framework of its program known as 5G for Europe – a program that aims to strengthen the competitiveness of European industry.
Manuel Cebrian
04 Dec 2015
Interview with Dr. Manuel Cebrián. He is Senior Scientist with NICTA in Melbourne, Australia, where he directs the Human Dynamics research group.
directores imdea presidenta
02 Dec 2015
On Friday 6th of November 2015 IMDEA Materials, one of the seven IMDEA Institutes, opened its doors for the 1st IMDEA Conference: Science, Business & Society. The event was opened by the President of the Community of Madrid (Comunidad de Madrid), Cristina Cifuentes, and by the Spanish Secretary of State for Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I), Carmen Vela.
Ericsson Madrid Innovation Roadshow 2015
20 Nov 2015
The Ericsson Madrid Innovation Roadshow 2015 included Dr. Arturo Azcorra and Dr. Albert Banchs, Director and Deputy Director at IMDEA Networks Institute, respectively, among other important industrial and academic participants.
Patricia Callejo
16 Nov 2015
Patricia Callejo is a new member of the IMDEA Networks research team. She will be joining us as a PhD student from October 2015, supervised by Rubén Cuevas, Assistant Professor at University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M). Her main areas of interest are...
11 Nov 2015
IMDEA Networks Institute and Telefónica R&D have established a Research and Innovation Laboratory focusing on 5G Technologies. The laboratory, with the acronym 5TONIC, is intended to be an open research and innovation ecosystem focused on 5G technologies, in which industry and academia come together to boost technology and business innovative ventures. The main Laboratory site will be located at IMDEA Networks’ headquarters in Leganés, Madrid.
José A. Ruipérez Valiente
05 Nov 2015
IMDEA Networks Institute is proud to announce that José A. Ruipérez Valiente, PhD Student at the Institute, has received no less than three awards for his MSc thesis “Design and Implementation of a Learning Analytics Module for the Khan Academy Platform”.
30 Oct 2015
The 5TONIC laboratory: Founded by experts from Telefónica and IMDEA Networks with the purpose of creating an open ecosystem for innovation and investigation. A place where industry and the academic world can work together to further the development of 5G technologies and their entrepreneurial ecosystem is set to open next November at IMDEA Networks headquarters in the Leganés area of Madrid. With their mutual involvement in this new laboratory, Telefónica and IMDEA Networks redouble their commitment to the development of new 5G technologies. Ericsson is the first manufacturer to join the initiative as part of its 5G for Europe program.
Antonio Carzaniga
30 Oct 2015
Prof. Antonio Carzaniga brings to the research team of IMDEA Networks extensive research experience in the areas of mobile code, distributed configuration management, testing and validation of distributed systems, distributed publish/subscribe middleware, and advanced networking architectures.
29 Oct 2015
Interview with Kirill Kogan, Research Assistant Professor, IMDEA Networks Institute