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His Royal Highness the Prince of Asturias
14 Dec 2010
Their Royal Highnesses Felipe and Letizia, the Prince and Princess of Asturias, presided the Madrid presentation of the Prince of Girona Foundation (Fundación Príncipe de Girona) in one of a series of activities designed to promote the goals and mission of the Foundation. Similar activities have already been held in Girona itself, Seville, Zaragoza and Bilbao. The event was addressed by the eminent cardiologist and Prince of Asturias prize winner, Dr. Valentí Fuster. Three scientists from Institute IMDEA Networks - Dr. Albert Banchs, Dr. Sergey Gorinsky and Dr. Gianluca Rizzo - were invited to take part.
Antonio Fernández Anta
09 Dec 2010
Interview with Antonio Fernández Anta, Senior Researcher, Institute IMDEA Networks
26 Nov 2010
A new study has found that the distribution of largely copyright files on major BitTorrent portals, such as The Pirate Bay, is dominated by about 100 publishers.
SC members
17 Nov 2010
Prof. Dr. Edward Knightly, Dr. Pablo Rodriguez Rodriguez and Prof. Dr. Gustavo de Veciana will advise the Institute on areas including wireless networks, distributed systems and pervasive computing.
Institute IMDEA Networks Open House
02 Nov 2010
Institute IMDEA Networks is to stage a one-day Open House inviting young people to explore career paths in networking research, find out more about the Institute and gain hands-on research experience through participatory activities.
13 Oct 2010
Dr. Stanojević will contribute broad experience in areas such as performance evaluation, network economics and energy-aware computing.
Researchers Night
30 Sep 2010
Institute IMDEA Networks has thrown its support behind Researchers’ Night, held in different European Union cities to bring science to the people.
Dr Vincenzo Mancuso
24 Sep 2010
Dr. Mancuso brings to the team broad experience in areas such as network protocols and performance analysis.
Wireless device modules in FLAVIA
20 Sep 2010
Institute IMDEA Networks is to participate in FLAVIA, a new project that aims to enable wireless networks to rapidly evolve to suit new demands.
Antonio Fernández Anta
13 Sep 2010
Dr. Fernández Anta brings to the team more than 15 years of research experience in areas such as communications and networks, distributed computing, algorithms, and discrete and applied mathematics.