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29 Nov 2007
Dr. Bagnulo is a Professor at the University of Carlos III and works as a scientific researcher, in collaboration with the international research institute, IMDEA Networks.
Tribuna Arturo Fernández
27 Aug 2007
We live in a globalised world in which the generation of knowledge is the essential raw material for the creation of wealth. This fact, so often repeated, is so evident that developing countries such as China and India already invest as much as developed countries in the generation of new scientific knowledge. They are developing structures to transform this knowledge into technology, which later will be applied by businesses in new processes, products and services considered innovative by the markets.
Leading industry representatives
05 Jul 2007
On June 26th IMDEA Networks met with leading industry representatives, whose companies have been invited to provide representatives to its Board of Trustees, as well as other key stakeholders in the new international research institute.
Scientific Council
18 Jun 2007
On July 11th INDEA Networks held the Annual Inaugural Meeting of its Scientific Council in Madrid. The meeting marked a milestone in the establishment of the research foundation. This prestigious Council is comprised of eleven of the World´s top researchers in network technology.
27 Apr 2007
IMDEA is a network of international research centres of independent legal status, promoted on the initiative of the regional government and created to contribute to positioning Madrid among Europe’s knowledge-generating regions.
Department of Education Regional Government Madrid
28 Nov 2006
The region will invest 300 million euros in four years to launch the Madrid Advanced Research Institute Network (iMdea). The aim of the initiative is to establish “collaboration between scientists and businesses”, said the regional minister of education for Madrid, Luis Peral Guerra, today.
Esperanza Aguirre
06 Jul 2006
Esperanza Aguirre's government plan to invest 300 million euros in opening ten institutes of science and technology in the region in their next term of office, if they win the regional elections in May 2007. The regional president made the announcement yesterday as she presented the Madrid Institute of Advanced Studies (IMDEA), which will coordinate the ten future centres.
Region of Madrid
07 Jun 2006
Esperanza Aguirre has her sights set on making Madrid Europe's Mecca of scientific research. To do so, from 2007 the regional government will increase its budget for RD&I, creating ten research institutes and hiring 600 people, of which 200 will be internationally renowned scientists.