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27 Oct 2017
University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M) participates in the seventeenth edition of the Madrid Science Week with more than thirty activities (all free-of-charge) that will offer a first-hand knowledge of the Institution's R&D+i program. IMDEA Networks is collaborating with UC3M in the staging of a multimedia, theatrical and informative show that explores the effects of 5G technology in our everyday lives. The show will held on November 7th in the Auditorium of the UC3M.
20 Oct 2017
The world's seven most industrialized economies (G7) have released a declaration highlighting the transformative role of 5G communication systems in the Next Production Revolution (NPR), also known as Industry 4.0. G7 Ministers see 5G as a key enabler of the highly complex technological demands posed by the digital economy. 
11 Oct 2017
IMDEA Networks and Huawei Technologies have recently launched a joint research project to explore the synergies of two distinctive wireless technologies, which are both key components of the present and future of mobile communications. On the one hand, the project builds on everyday mobile networks such as WiFi and LTE. On the other hand, it integrates state-of-the-art wireless networks operating in the millimeter-wave band, as envisioned for future 5G networks. Their combination is crucial to enable the evolution of mobile networks, one of the most impactful technologies driving change and progress toward the “network society”.
cohere news
28 Sep 2017
5TONIC partners Telefónica, IMDEA Networks, University Carlos III Madrid, and Cohere Technologies announced today the companies have cooperated in a number of successful trials to test Cohere Technologies’ OTFS waveform, a new radio technology that has been proposed for 5G radio interface in 3GPP. 
26 Sep 2017
In police work, the investigator must use in equal measure the art of deduction, his capacity for induction, and the knowledge accumulated by years of scientific and technological development. Several researchers from the IMDEA Institutes will give us clues on how to do this next Friday, September the 29th, during the European Night of the Researchers of Madrid. The event is called “IMDEA-CSI: investigating at the scene of the crime”.
22 Sep 2017
The great ambition of the networked society is to connect everything, everywhere, all the time. But the ideal of seamless communications poses fundamental challenges to legacy networks that the new 5G communication networks currently under development need to solve. One of such challenges is supporting the significant growth of traffic demands. Next generation services such as mobile cloud service, gaming, social-networking applications and 3D immersive applications require massive capacity and higher data rates than current 4G networks are unable to sustain.
19 Sep 2017
Javier García Mateo, the presenter of Primera Hora (Gestiona Radio) has invited some researchers from the IMDEA institutes to share his programme.
18 Sep 2017
The publication “Performance Modeling of Vehicular Floating Content in Urban Settings” has been awarded the Best Student Paper Award at the reputed International Teletraffic Congress (ITC 29), which took place from 4-8 September 2017, in Genoa, Italy.
14 Sep 2017
Professor Arturo Azcorra, IMDEA Networks’ director and one of the top European experts on the fifth generation of mobile communication networks (5G), participated as an invited speaker in the 4th Taipei 5G Summit, «The Power of New Radio & Edge Intelligence» under the invitation of the 5G office of Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs. The Taipei summit has provided important clues about the future of 5G network technology as the driving force behind an unprecedented transformation in the world of business and communications.
08 Sep 2017
The IFEMA LAB 5G is an innovative research hub to develop solutions, features, and new services using 5G technology to be displayed at FITUR 2018, the International Tourism Trade Fair organized yearly in Spain.