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01 Aug 2017
IFEMA will host the first R+D laboratory for 5G prototypes in the tourism and trade fair sector. 
31 Jul 2017
Company Joins 5G Open Research and Innovation Laboratory Founded by Telefonica and IMDEA Networks.
Prof. Ian Akyildiz’s conference
28 Jul 2017
The laureate professor and scientist Prof. Dr. Ian Akyildiz of the Georgia Institute of Technology – Georgia Tech (USA), visited Madrid on July 19th, 2017, to give a talk entitled "SoftAir: A Software-Defined Networking Architecture for 5G Wireless Systems". 
Diego Juara announcement
26 Jul 2017
Diego Juara has joined the research engineers and support team at IMDEA Networks. He will be working within the Pervasive Wireless Systems Group led by Dr. Domenico Giustiniano.
OTFS technology
26 Jul 2017
5TONIC is proud to have hosted a seminar by one its members, Cohere Technologies, represented by Dr. Christian Ibars.
17 Jul 2017
Pablo Rodríguez Rodríguez, a member of the Scientific Council of IMDEA Networks, has recently been appointed CEO of Telefonica Innovation Alpha. Telefonica Innovation Alpha is a newly created lab launched to explore future disruptive technology and undertake long-term research and innovation.
Way 5G
13 Jul 2017
In the ever-changing context of communication networks, all roads converge towards the promise of 5G: higher data bandwidth, greater speed and lower latency. International scientists are competing to be the first to develop technical solutions that seek to unite and balance the set of existing technologies with those yet to come, and thus bring us closer to the ideal of seamless communications.
5g EU China
10 Jul 2017
Professor Arturo Azcorra, one of the top European experts on the fifth generation of mobile communication networks (5G), has been invited by the European Commission (EC) to present 5TONIC at the upcoming EU-China Summit on 5G.
DTL 2017
03 Jul 2017
The Data Transparency Lab (DTL) announced today the projects that will benefit from a 50,000 euro grant to develop applications that allow users to be aware of h
5G Debate
30 Jun 2017
With the first 5G networks less than two years away, debate continues to rage about the exact nature of the technology and what it should and should not do.