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Telefonica shares with 5TONIC its vision on industry trends and sector outlook

Invited by 5TONIC, Mr. Carlos Gavilanes, Strategy Director at Telefonica Corp., has shared with some relevant experts from IMDEA Networks and University Carlos III (UC3M) the vision of the company on the main industry trends and the sector’s outlook for the next three years.

Telefonica is looking for feedback on this topic from trusted partners (some of which are also 5TONIC members). Thus, experts from IMDEA Networks and UC3M provided their feedback to Mr. Gavilanes on the technological areas they are working on. What is more, it is of paramount importance for 5TONIC to understand the general context of the telecommunications sector in which 5G deployment will take place (around the year 2020), and the analysis carried out by Telefonica is very helpful in order to achieve this objective.

5TONIC expects to engage with other partners in similar active discussions that may help the lab acquire a clearer understanding of the 5G ecosystem and refine the use cases to be supported.

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  • About 5TONIC: 5TONIC is an open research and innovation laboratory focusing on 5G technologies and ecosystems. The objective of 5TONIC is to create a global open environment where members from industry and academia work together in specific research and innovation projects related to 5G technologies with a view to boost technology and business innovative ventures. The laboratory, based in Madrid, promotes joint project development and entrepreneurial ventures, field-testing, demonstration of technologies and equipment, discussion fora and dissemination events with focus on 5G innovation.