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Marco Gramaglia
26 Aug 2015
Marco Gramaglia returns to IMDEA Networks Institute to join our team of Post-Doc Researchers from September 2015. Marco has been a member of the Institute’s Alumni Network since 2012, date in which he obtained his PhD in Telematics Engineering.
Telefonica Talentum
20 Aug 2015
Three Internship Students who joined IMDEA Networks for 6 months thanks to the Telefónica Talentum Startups initiative have successfully concluded the Institute’s internship program, during which they have also collaborated with researchers from University Carlos III of Madrid.
The future of the Internet is social
05 Aug 2015
Researchers at IMDEA Networks design a novel social-aware network architecture that exploits information originated on online social networks to improve network efficiency and users' quality-of-experience.
Twitter news
03 Aug 2015
Half of the news that appear on Twitter as “trending topics” goes unmentioned in the traditional news media, and when both sources carry the same stories, 60% appear first on the social network. These are some of the conclusions of a study which analyses the dissemination of news on Twitter compared with the traditional media.
24 Jul 2015
IMDEA Networks Institute is part of an international consortium that aims to develop concepts and key components for a new 5G mobile radio access technology. The technology is expected to operate in a range of frequency bands between 6 and 100 GHz, including millimetre-wave (mmWave) frequencies.
23 Jul 2015
Arturo Azcorra from IMDEA Networks / University Carlos III of Madrid explains the European Xhaul project of the 5G Infrastructure Public-Private Partnership (5G PPP).
20 Jul 2015
The Xhaul project, part of the European H2020 5G Public-Private Partnership (5G PPP) Infrastructure, will define and develop the next generation of integrated fronthaul and backhaul networks that will respond to the needs of the future 5G communications system
16 Jul 2015
The Expert Group of NetWorld 2020, the European Technology Platform for communication networks and services together with the Vision Group of the 5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership (5G PPP) held a joint workshop in Paris last June, collocated with the European Conference on Networks and Communications (EuCNC 2015).
Fernando Boavida
13 Jul 2015
Dr. Boavida brings to the research team extensive research experience in areas broadly including wireless sensor networks, mobility, quality of service and computer networks.
10 Jul 2015
Researchers at IMDEA Networks invent the simplest solution available today to swiftly build a mobile wireless positioning system in a new indoor environment. Unlike other systems, it requires neither manual and costly offline pre-calibration nor any special hardware.