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Trust computing for more secure cloud? or not?
30 January 2018 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm
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Kari Kostainen, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Room 1.1/2 IMDEA Networks Institute, Avda. del Mar Mediterráneo 22, 28918 Leganés – Madrid

NETCOM Research Group (Telematics Engineering Department, UC3M); IMDEA Networks Institute

Cloud computing provides significant benefits, such as new services and convenience to private individuals and cost savings to businesses. But outsourcing private or security-sensitive data and computation to an external computing infrastructure does not come without risks, and major data leaks and security breaches are reported repeatedly. Trusted computing technology can be one enabler for more secure cloud computing. In this talk, we will introduce Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX) which is a recently introduced set of security enhancements to Intel's CPU that enable developers to build more secure applications and services for usage scenarios like cloud computing. After that, we investigate some of the security problems of SGX, like vulnerability to side-channel attacks and challenges in data integrity protection, and present new solutions to these problems.

About Kari Kostainen

Kari Kostiainen is Senior Scientist at ETH Zurich and Coordinator of Zurich Information Security and Privacy Center (ZISC). Kari's research focus is on security of information and computer systems, recent research topics including smartphone security, trusted computing, secure user interaction and blockchains. Before joining ETH, Kari was a Senior Researcher at Nokia Research Center in Helsinki and Palo Alto. He holds a doctorate in computer science from Aalto University.

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This event will be conducted in English